Today’s Playlist

I’ve been walking to work most mornings from Aidan and Kieran’s daycare. It’s good to start the day with a ½ hour walk along Sussex Drive. I usually pull out my aging iPod (original 1G, 5GB) and search through the 729 songs I carry around with me. Here’s this morning’s playlist

The White Stripes
Blue Orchid
The Nurse
My Doorbell

Rage Against the Machine
Killing in the Name Of

Peter Gabriel and Massive Attack
Games Without Frontiers

The Postal Service
Nothing Better

P. Funk All-Stars
Let’s Take It to the Stage

Rage Against the Machine was a mistake – too angry for a cool and sunny Thursday morning. It took a couple of tunes to bring me back down.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Playlist

  1. Might I suggest some Scissor Sisters? Try something like “I Don’t Want to Dance” or “Take Your Mamma.” You won’t walk to work so much as groove, jive and strut. People will envy you and say “Who is that hip young man?”

  2. Although my response is almost three years late, I think RATM was a great choice…how can you beat that closing refrain?? It never fails to make me feel good.

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