Kieran’s First Day

Today was Kieran’s first day at the daycare. At the ripe old age of 16 months he’s left home and has started a 20 year journey in institutionalized learning.

He seemed pretty happy to be there at first – he has been there many times when we’ve picked up Aidan. He wandered over, started playing with some trucks, and said “bye”.

It turns out there were some rough patches. He has no table manners, so I’m sure he was confused when he couldn’t leave the table until his friends were finished. I think he may also have had some nap-time issues (it would be kinda weird sleeping on a little bed surrounded by 15 other little kids in a strange place).

In any case, when we arrived to pick him up he was playing with his brother and seemed to be content. I don’t think he suffered any long-term psychological harm – only time will tell.

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