Bret’s Book

At the outset, let me clarify something – I am not a wrestling fan. That would imply that I enjoy the product, in all its sadistic, misogynistic glory. Truth be told, I don’t even watch it. I do, however, think the world of professional wrestling is fascinating in a train-wreck kind of way, and I … More Bret’s Book

Deaths in Wrestling

Some of you may know that I follow professional wrestling. I don’t actually watch it anymore, but I am fascinated by the business. I fully acknowledge that it’s violent, misogynistic, juvenile, and frequently stupid beyond belief. It’s also a billion- dollar industry that relies on non-unionized performers to work insane schedules and subject themselves to … More Deaths in Wrestling

Man vs. Bear

Many of my loyal readers have been asking me “Where are the posts on professional wrestling? We want to hear your opinions on the potential upside of the Great Khali and the simmering tension between Edge and Randy Orton”.That’s a good point – my blog is supposed to contain musings on music, family life, and … More Man vs. Bear